3 ways to make your work more meaningful

Making work more meaningful can go a long way to improving job satisfaction – and that can help to improve you mental health.

Paula Davis-Laack, JD, MAPP, is a burnout prevention and resilience expert who helps companies and busy professionals prevent burnout and build resilience to stress and change.

This article focuses on 3 key things you can do. The following excerpt explains the first piece of advice, “Prioritise respect and trust.”

Prioritize respect and trust. Trust is built and maintained with these four traits from my colleague Gretchen Pisano: (1) common ground (we have similar values and objectives); (2) predictability (I can predict your behavior); (3) consideration (you will take my needs into consideration before you act); and (4) forewarning (you will tell me before you act in a way that is not in my interests). If leaders can’t build trust with their followers, they will find it difficult to retain talent.



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