Supporting Your Wellbeing in Lockdown

We all have different experiences of working through a lockdown. Some of us are caring for others while trying to work from home, some of us find the act of living and working in a single space challenging, some of us miss the energy of interacting with others. All of us though, could do with some support, kindness and compassion. Here we’ve compiled some resources that may help during these times…

The Mentally-Healthy Return to Workplace Guide for Adland is a newly released guide that gives insight into our experiences of work throughout the pandemic, and how we might support our teams and team mates in returning to the workplace. The guide also features information on how to monitor your mental health, how to have conversations with others you feel may be experiencing challenges, working from home productivity hacks and more. Grab a cup of MOOD tea (gentle plug) and have a read.

And here are some other articles that may also help support your wellbeing at this time:

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