Yvette Mayer

Corporate Wellbeing Consultant

Yvette Mayer

Yvette's a veteran of the advertising industry, with 30 years experience in media agency roles. Most recently MD of OMD Sydney, prior to that she worked for the Publicis group for over 20 years, including stints in New York and London and positions such as Executive Vice President and Chief Digital Officer.

Personally, Yvette has experienced significant health challenges. Specifically anxiety, depression, burnout and breast cancer. Her passion for holistic wellbeing over time leading her to launch a business supporting businesses and individuals seeking transformation. Yvette Mayer Wellbeing offers Corporate consulting, Corporate Coaching and Private Coaching. She spans health, purpose and contribution with private clients.

After her own challenges in the mental health area, supporting corporates is naturally a focus of YMW. Yvette shares openly and honestly her own experiences and learnings, and provides training that creates business wide behavioural change. She believes improvement requires ownership and empowerment from leaders and managers to be truly effective.

Yvette is a new member of the Mentally Healthy Change Group, excited to be a part of broader industry change.


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