Sean Hall

Founder of Energx and TEDx Speaker

Sean Hall

TEDx speaker, awarded innovator, and Chief Energist, Sean Hall, says that he's on this fifth career (fitness, marketing, technology and HR have come before).

He has over two decades of leadership experience include running a $10B telecommunications brand impacting 16 million customers, five world firsts in bringing tech innovations to life, and designing culture strategy for 40,000 employees.

He's built two startups and worked as employee #11 in another.

But perhaps most importantly, Sean learned why wellbeing is important the hard way by suffering burnout, or what he calls an energy crisis, twice in three years.

This ultimately led him to create wellbeing company Energx, to specialise in burnout risk identification and prevention and to work with brands and governments who believe their most valuable asset is the collective energy and creativity of their people.

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